Innovative Kite Patch
Tuesday, July 16, 2013
Posted by:   Sean Dimond

Pilgrim Africa is proud to be partnering with ieCrowd in the launch of The Kite Mosquito Patch, a significant advancement in the global fight against malaria.

The Kite Mosquito Patch is the world’s first product containing breakthrough compounds scientifically proven to disrupt the mosquito’s carbon dioxide (CO2) neurons. It acts as a non-topical, spatial repellent, blocking mosquitoes’ ability to detect CO2 – their primary method of tracking human blood meals.

The Kite Mosquito Patch is a breakthrough product using the worldwide discovery of the compounds capable of disrupting mosquitoes’ ability to find us,” said Dr. Michelle Brown, the Chief Scientist and Vice President of OLI. “This isn’t just another mosquito product, but a powerful alternative to most products on the market, enabling people to live normal lives with a new level of protection against contracting mosquito-borne diseases.

We want this small patch to change peoples’ lives. We’re designing Kite to deliver everyone protection from mosquitoes no matter where they are in the world,” said Grey Frandsen, project lead and Chief Marketing Officer at ieCrowd. “It will provide a new level of protection for children in Uganda, for young families in South Africa, and hikers in Seattle or Wyoming or Florida seeking a safer, socially-responsible solution.

Kite Mosquito Patches are featured on Indiegogo’s crowdfunding site, with an initial funding goal of $75,000 to pay for the first Kite Mosquito Patches distributed and tested in districts of Uganda hardest hit by malaria.

The partnership with Pilgrim Africa is structured to implement an initial field test in Uganda, from which the data will be utilized to complete the manufacturing process and be used to begin scaling production.

Support their campaign, and stay tuned for more!