In May, our Beacon of Hope students were invited to participate in the regional Technovation Robotics Competition (the only school in Eastern Uganda to compete!). This year’s Technovation Challenge gave students the opportunity to address the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals by creating their own innovative technological solutions to issues facing their own communities.

We sent two teams comprised of 9 girls to represent Beacon of Hope School. The Genius Stars and Beacon Knights both identified problems their communities faced and explored the possible ways technology could be used to fill what is institutionally lacking in order to save lives and promote long-term development. They created solutions in the form of mobile apps to challenge prevalent issues like child marriage and access to medical care.

The Genius Stars created an app that aims to reduce and prevent early child marriage by sensitizing the community about the impacts, warning signs, and dangers of child marriage.
The Beacon Knights developed an app called “SAVE ME” that provides people in need of medical attention with the location of the nearest hospital and even allows them to call an ambulance!

They had to present their proposals and be prepared to answer questions from the judges. Our team of girls say they gained lots of confidence, problem-solving and presentation skills throughout this experience!

We are so proud of the bold display of creativity and critical thinking skills showcased by our girls! The support that we receive from our community allows us to invest in our students, who carry the future of their communities on their shoulders.