Moses leads a robotics team made up of students at Beacon of Hope School. Last year, the robotics team wanted to join an international competition but they missed the registration. This year, they were committed to being at the Gisutech, an international robotics and technology competition in Uganda with the goal of encouraging young people to apply their imagination, passion and creativity to technological innovations that can make a difference in the world today. The competition also serves as a way for students and teachers from all over the world to engage in intercultural dialogue. Amidst 154 participants from Tanzania, Congo, Rwanda, Somalia, Angola, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and Pakistan, the Beacon of Hope robotics team represented the only school from northern and eastern Uganda.

The team participated in the hardware control category and built a remote controlled robot. As the awards were being given out, the Beacon team watched as the winners of the bronze and silver medals were called up. They received quite a surprise when their name was called up first among the gold winners. They were given their award by Jessica Alupo, Uganda’s Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Sports. She was, of course, thrilled to see that a group of students from Soroti won the gold medal.