On Sunday the President of Uganda announced that all schools will be closed for the next 42 days, and that only local travel will be allowed as they have started to see a significant second wave of COVID-19.

Just like the first wave, Uganda is acting firmly to keep COVID-19 from spreading more significantly. They kept the transmission rate quite low this last year due to their strict measures, and we expect that to be the case with this current short-term order. 

However, on June 4th, Uganda registered its highest single day record with 1259 confirmed cases, at a positivity rate of 17%. Because the number of severe cases and deaths is higher than in the first wave, many fear a second full lockdown. 

These new restrictions create logistical and financial issues for Pilgrim, as our malarial work will be made more difficult by travel restrictions. And Beacon of Hope’s income will be reduced as the school is closed for the next six weeks. 

During the Pilgrim Uganda Board Meeting this past weekend the lockdown was discussed. We are committed to continue our work through our Village Health Teams, malarial research, and partnership with Beacon of Hope School during this second wave, and are prioritizing the safety of our team.

Please join us in praying for the Ugandan community during this difficult and scary time.