Giving Catalog 2021

Covid-19 Emergency Relief

Your donation will help limit the spread of the virus – providing essentials like no-touch thermometers, face masks and gloves for health works; antibacterial soap, hand sanitizer, and emergency food for children and families; and health training to keep everyone safe. 

10 replacement no-touch thermometers for VHTs

Monthly replacement batteries for all 200 thermometer guns

PPE for 10 health workers at rural health clinics

Meal provisions for Covid-19 patients


Student scholarships

Scholarships provide for all of the needs of each child: tuition and fees, room and board, medical care, clothing, toiletries, even extracurricular activities. 

Full Scholarship for one student for their entire secondary education

One Year Scholarship

University Preparation

Tutoring Support Stipend

Additional School Expenses

While attending Beacon of Hope, students receive free access to Beacon Medical Center (BMC), attend worship services, daily devotional time and bible studies. The clubs at Beacon of Hope help to provide our students with a holistic education.

Medical care for one student for six  years

Spiritual care for all students for one term

Extracurriculars (Music, Dance, Robotics, Athletics)

Spray student dorms to protect from malaria

Rennovate BOH school for COVID-19 safety


Bed Nets

The pandemic has made it harder for families to get bed nets and malaria medications. As a result, experts predict a doubling in the number of kids dying from malaria. Your gift provides super durable bed nets made of specifically designed insecticidal fibers that keeps kids safe.

Bed Nets for five students


Bed Nets for 25 Students

Bed Nets for the school

Lifesaving Medicines and Supplies

The Covid-19 crisis has weakened already fragile health systems, and diverted critical resources away from essentials like malaria prevention. Your gift will supply essential medicines to treat malaria. Your gift will supply essential medicines to treat malaria and other life threatening diseases.

Village Health Teams and Beacon Medical Clinic

The global health crisis has left weak health systems struggling. Funds are low to maintain facilities and replenish medicines. Your gift can help supply the Beacon Health Clinic and provide resources like no touch thermometers, technician training, PPE, and other needed items for our Village Health Teams (VHTs). Your gift will be used to support the following:

Replacement smart-phones for VHTs to do case work

Replenish medical supplies at Beacon Medical Center

One-day health care training for VHTs

In-depth patient care training conference for all 200+ new and existing VHTs

Where Most Needed

Your gift will be used to support all of the ministry activities of Pilgrim Africa:

End malaria in communities where the disease is widespread. Malaria, pneumonia, and diarrhea are the top three killers of children under the age of five in many African nations.

Offer rural youth an excellent academic education at Beacon of Hope school. The school started to serve rescued child soldiers.