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Give Them Hope

Your gift today determines how many children receive scholarships. Last year, 31 sponsored students walked through the gates at Beacon of Hope. Each with unique aspirations and hopes, now empowered to enact change and develop a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

There are more like them; will you give them Hope?

Lives Transformed

7 full scholarships have been gifted so far!

Check back here for updates on how many more students will walk through the gates next year!

Meet Racheal and Moses.

Racheal is a student at Beacon of Hope. From despair and brokenness to hope and excitement for the future, her testimony demonstrates the powerful impact a sponsorship has on a student’s life. Read her full testimony here.

Moses has been the Sponsorship Officer at Beacon of Hope since Pilgrim Africa’s inception in 2001. He knows all too intimately the joys and pains of informing these children whether or not they get sponsored to attend school. Many of the students are orphaned, abandoned, or left without hope; these sponsorships allow them to change the trajectory of their life. You can read his full testimony here.



Sponsorship Officer

“It is an honor to help people achieve the basic needs of education, food, medication that they’ve been denied. I look into the eyes of these children and their eyes are asking for intervention in their future.”



S.5 Student

  “This school has been a life-changing blessing for me, like a small, happy family where I find my peace and strength.”

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