University Prep


After the first four years of secondary school, Ugandan students take national exams (known as O levels) to become eligible for two years of upper secondary school (known as A levels) which prepares them for university. Each year, we offer a handful of two-year university prep scholarships to exceptional students enduring financial hardship who apply to Beacon of Hope. $1700 covers all student expenses for these final 2 years preceding university. 

Akung Benson, a prodigious students who received this scholarship, notes the remarkable effects the scholarship had on his life. 

I am so glad that Pilgrim enabled me to join A level as I look forward to pursuing a career as a doctor. Pilgrim is creating a future for children who look at life as a problem, just like I did. If it was not for Pilgrim, hunting and street life would still be my source of living. I would have no known this other part of the world full of modernization and more. I thank God so much for letting Pilgrim cross my path. My life will never be the same.

Akung Benson