Beyond assisting students with academics, Beacon of Hope School also offers students medical services at the Beacon Medical Center. The center opened in November 2006 operating as a day center with the aim of treating students and staff of Pilgrim. In the beginning, the center had just two staff who managed minor illnesses and provided trauma counseling. On average, 30 students per day received treatment, most commonly for malaria, diabetes, intestinal worms, skin infections and asthma.

In 2007, staffing increased to include a laboratory technician and some nurses. Laboratory services started up, as well as outreach to patients in the community, often at subsidized costs. The center began mobile clinic services in the surrounding rural areas providing free treatment to people displaced by civil war.

Currently, the medical center operates with six staff: a clinician, dispenser, enrolled nurse, counsellor, laboratory technician, and office assistant. The center has seven beds and still runs as day center. On average, the medical center receives 20 students and 10-15 patients from the community daily. At a special “clinic day” in the summer of 2017, Beacon Medical Center treated 135 patients in a single day!

The mission of the Beacon Medical Center is to provide high quality patient care. Services currently offered include laboratory services, general medical services, family planning services, minor surgeries and counseling services.