The drive to end malaria and the desire to see our amazing students thrive are connected.

Students at Beacon of Hope come from some of the most malaria-endemic communities of Uganda, and alas, they aren’t immune to the devastation…

When term opens up after the holidays, 8 out of 10 students who seek medical attention at Beacon Medical Center test positive for malaria.

Collectively, over 240 students seek malaria treatment upon their return to school (more than a third of the student body). However, during the school year incidence of malaria remains low as all dormitories and classrooms are sprayed with insecticide, and Rotarians have provided nets for our sleeping spaces.

So, supporting Beacon of Hope not only allows promising students to pursue a first-rate education, it also protects them from the scourge of malaria.

THANK YOU for your love for these students, for your prayers, and for your financial support!