To an African family faced with a gauntlet of dangers to overcome--malaria, war, famine--hope is tangible, vital. Despair, on a field of active hazards with the material odds stacked against you, is tantamount to death. Hope is that real reservoir of strength that the African family must draw upon to outwit multiple horrors.

As an indigenous, Christian organization working in Public Health and Education with policy makers in the capital and rural villages throughout Uganda, it is not that we believe that our work "brings" hope.

Instead, hope is the work itself.


Village Health Team Trainings

    Ever wondered what a Village Health Team training looks like in Uganda? Marc …
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Student Profile: Meet Jane Akiror

  Name: Jane Francis Akiror Age: 17 Grade: S4 Home Region: Teso, Eastern Uganda, Katakwi …
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Meet the House Parents Patrick and Edith

The success of our Beacon students is due in large part to our ever committed …
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