To challenge despair, love boldly, and create a future of sustainable prosperity and health. We give ourselves in service to others regardless of economic, religious, or social standing, working to empower and love others to the glory of God.



We’re working to make malaria control faster, cheaper, and safer. Our ultimate goal is elimination.

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We’re bringing a STEM program with hands-on, project-based learning to the rural Ugandan classroom.

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Agriculture + Relief

We’re breaking the cycle of poverty by introducing technology that lets farmers not only survive but thrive.

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A Word from Our CEO

CEO Dorothy Echodu shares how Pilgrim Africa has been on the forefront of the COVID-19 response in Uganda.

KRMP Update

KRMP Update

As COVID-19 sweeps through Uganda, our Village Health Teams (VHTs) have had to adapt to new safety guidelines. Finishing out Phase II of the KRMP malaria study, the VHTs are actively serving children who are suffering with malaria, pneumonia, and diarrhea. But now,...

Beacon of Hope Update

Beacon of Hope Update

For many students in the U.S., the pandemic has forced them to engage in online learning for the rest of this school year, and possibly the next. But how is the pandemic affecting our students at Beacon of Hope, many who do not have access to a computer or Wifi,...


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