To challenge despair, love boldly, and create a future of sustainable prosperity and health.



We’re working to make malaria control faster, cheaper, and safer. Our ultimate goal is elimination.

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We’re bringing a STEM program with hands-on, project-based learning to the rural Ugandan classroom.

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Agriculture + Relief

We’re breaking the cycle of poverty by introducing technology that lets farmers not only survive but thrive.

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Field Notes from June Visit to KRMP

Field Notes from June Visit to KRMP

This June, I had the pleasure of traveling to Uganda for the first time with the winners of last year's Pilgrim Africa trip at our annual Jasiri auction. On one of our packed days, we toured the Katakwi Rotary Malaria Project, an innovative project Pilgrim Africa is...

The Reality of Malaria in our Students’ Lives

The Reality of Malaria in our Students’ Lives

The drive to end malaria and the desire to see our amazing students thrive are connected. Students at Beacon of Hope come from some of the most malaria-endemic communities of Uganda, and alas, they aren't immune to the devastation... When term opens up after the...

Access to Technology Changes Lives

Access to Technology Changes Lives

In May, our Beacon of Hope students were invited to participate in the regional Technovation Robotics Competition (the only school in Eastern Uganda to compete!). This year's Technovation Challenge gave students the opportunity to address the United Nation’s...


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