To challenge despair, love boldly, and help African people create a future of sustainable prosperity and health. We give ourselves in service to others regardless of economic, religious, or social standing, working to empower and love others to the glory of God.



We demonstrate respect for essential human dignity and are willing to offer and accept true friendship.  We give ourselves in services to others regardless of economic, religious, or social standing.

Bold Love

We challenge apathy and despair with courage, ingenuity, and authentic relationships.

Indigenous Investment

Founded by and for Ugandans, Pilgrim Africa today has strong African leadership throughout the organization. Indigenous investment provides:

  1. Insight into local needs
  2. Commitment to ‘stay the course’ for long-term impact
  3. Depth of network and relationships for implementation

Catalytic Change

Integrated, cross-sector transformation is necessary to revitalize the core aspects of African society.



Pilgrim Africa pursues partnerships at local, national, and international levels.