In Uganda, the number of children in attendance drastically plummets from primary to secondary school. Census data from 2004 indicates that for every ten students in primary schools, only one is enrolled in secondary schools. Pilgrim Africa has assumed a comprehensive approach in our mission to remedy this: our malaria research, clinics, and scholarships work together to circumvent the challenges of poverty and sickness that prevent most Ugandan children from their education. 

Most recently, Pilgrim Africa has adopted another approach to fulfill this mission—the Annex Renovations. These renovations are seeing abandoned and derelict buildings transformed into fully furnished classrooms, dormitories, latrines, and kitchen spaces.  

Our vision of sustainability is infused throughout these renovations as we have implemented solar panels with back-up battery charging systems, and a rainwater catchment tank (which is already filled with fresh water from the seasonal rains). 

Though final renovations are still ongoing, the dormitories were opened to the students in September. This was a joyous and exciting event for them since, compared to their previous overcrowded dorms, these new dorms provided them with spacious living quarters and healthier living conditions. A houseparent also expressed his enthusiasm that the children “would finally have access to reliable light and decent bathrooms.” 

On the left below, you’ll see the old dormitories, and pictured on the right below are the new bed frames in the new dormitory on the Annex property.

These dorms also increase our school’s enrollment capacity. The dorms currently house 154 of our 658 students, but next year they will be able to house 300 extra students—that’s 300 more Ugandan children receiving an education year over year!

The Annex Renovations serves as an example of Pilgrim Africa’s dedication to Uganda’s children and as a reminder that anything can be given new life and transformed into something meaningful and instrumental.

THANK YOU to The Zarmada Giving Fund for making these renovations possible!