For many students in the U.S., the pandemic has forced them to engage in online learning for the rest of this school year, and possibly the next. But how is the pandemic affecting our students at Beacon of Hope, many who do not have access to a computer or Wifi, making online learning impossible?
Here is an overview:
  • Beacon of Hope shut down in March as the pandemic hit Uganda.
  • Many students took up jobs to support their families, as the lockdown forced businesses to close and sent Uganda into an intense recession. 
  • In late September, with no warning, the government mandated that BOH reopen so candidate students (those who have to take national exams at the end of the school year) could come back and study.
  • On October 15, BOH prepared to welcome back just 210 of our students. 
  • With the recession and loss of jobs, many families could not pay even half of their tuition. With the extra costs of temperature guns and masks, and a temporarily reduced enrollment, the school is in a difficult financial position.
  • Students who were able to return are now scrambling to make up for 7 months of missed education as they prepare for their exams in January. 
  • The rest of our students will have to repeat this academic year.
Please join us in praying for our students, their families, and our teachers.