(This GoFundMe campaign has been completed)

COVID-19 is spreading rapidly throughout Africa. The BBC says “Uganda is of particular concern, recording a 131% week-on-week rise in cases, with isolation centres and intensive care units under strain.” Fewer than 2% of the Ugandan population has received even a first dose of vaccine and nearly 20% of all COVID tests are coming back positive. 

Uganda’s President has now closed much of the country. Families are left without income or public support. Hospitals are overflowing with patients and are running out of space. It is urgent that we step in to help. 

Pilgrim Africa has decided that Beacon of Hope School and Beacon Medical Center will be used as emergency intake centers for Soroti Regional Hospital for as long as schools remain closed to students. 

This will offer rapid relief for the hospital and for patients who would not otherwise be seen. We will provide initial testing, triage and some patient care.

This is a massive undertaking in a short amount of time and we need your help.

We need to modify the school for medical use and then return the facilities to their school layout when students are allowed to return. The cost for this work is $40,000. We have initial commitments for just under $10,000.  

Will you join us in providing the emergency medical services needed during this critical time? Your gift will allow the Soroti Regional Hospital, in partnership with Pilgrim, to save many lives in Uganda. 

You can donate today at our GoFundMe (Our campaign is no longer active at this time).

Thank you for your support and prayers!

Pilgrim Africa Team