VHT selection and supervisor training begins

Village Health Team (VHT) selection in Katawki District
VHTs are community volunteers, selected for being honest, trustworthy, and nonpolitical, and for local language skills. 1,100 VHTs were selected to cover 550 villages.

Training of trainers
The next step was to “train the trainers” (ToT). Facility-based health workers supervise VHTs performing iCCM and take referrals for urgent cases. 80 health workers from 20 sub- counties/town councils in Katakwi participated in the ToT, supervised and supported by 8 Master Trainers from Uganda’s MOH.

Health workers learned how to teach VHTs to use diagnostic kits and treatments:

  • Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT) kits to test for malaria
  • Signs indicating severe diarrhea and pneumonia
  • Treatment of diarrhea, malaria and pneumonia among children under 5 using Zinc/ORS, Artemether Lumefantrine/rectal artesunate, and amoxicillin tablets respectively

Additionally, trainers learned to teach VHTs to refer children under 5 years with danger signs (such as vomiting, convulsions, unconsciousness, chest in-drawing, inability to drink or breast feed) to medical professionals, and to remind household members to sleep under nets, maintain good hygiene, and stay hydrated when ill.

During the training of VHTs, each trainer will lead a separate VHT training session for a group of 20-40 VHTs.

The training of trainers is a huge step forward for the success of this project and the health of children in this region, where 14 out of 100 children die before they turn 5.

Huge thanks to the district, the Ministry of Health trainers, Rotary, MPI and World Vision Uganda for a successful training — and to you!

“Early in the morning,
Jesus arrived again in the temple area,
and all the people started coming to him,
and he sat down and taught them.”

John 8:2