We’ve just received a $23k grant to do remote education at Beacon of Hope School. A massive THANK YOU to The Allen Family Foundation for this game-changing grant! We can now purchase tablets and internet access for all 80 A-level candidate students and instructors for the 5 remaining months of the school year.

We will be providing IT support as well. This grant will allow our students to access online educational materials like their more advantaged peers in urban centers, and to study for their national exams. This grant truly levels the playing field.

The tablets will have an important “life beyond the pandemic”. The tablets will become property of the school, to be redistributed for use by next year’s incoming Senior 6 class. Our eventual hope is to provide tablets for IT instruction to the whole student body, as an essential part of preparing young women and men for the 21st century. We are thrilled to start with this year’s candidate class.