Moses, who’s been the Sponsorship Officer since Pilgrim’s inception in 2001, knows all too intimately the joys and pains of informing children whether or not they get sponsored to attend school.

There are countless children like Racheal here, children who hope and hunger for nothing more than the right to an education. Informing their yearning faces that we can’t afford to enroll any more students is a wholly heart-wrenching experience. It is an honor to help people achieve the basic needs of education, food, medication that they’ve been denied. I look into the eyes of these children and their eyes are asking for intervention in their future.

Will you intervene for one of these children?

The hardest moments in my job is telling children that we can’t afford to enroll any more students. You can see that they have no alternative, especially for those barely living off of one meal a day. I’ve had many children follow me to school, pleading to be accepted. One girl walked over 50 km with her luggage on her head just looking for an education; another girl sat on the compound until we took her in; she eventually graduated and went to university.

Everyone has potential; education can be the key to unlocking it.

I have seen the children uplift the school, climbing ladders of success and excellence. I worry where these students would be or what would become of their immense potential if they had been left in the camps, bushes, or villages. 

There are more children left in the camps, in the bush, among villages lacking access to education, will you sponsor them?

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