At the end of May, the Ugandan government reported an alarming surge in malaria in several large regions across the country, including Busoga, Lango, Acholi, Tooro and West Nile. The cause of this increase is unknown, but the ministry of health reported a 50% increase in people seeking treatment for malaria. In these highly affected areas, malaria now accounts for up to 80% of all outpatient attendance, up from 30%. Approximately 50% of the severe malaria cases reported in the last few months presented with anemia so advanced that blood transfusions were required. Malaria deaths have increased threefold.

Support is needed at this crucial time to fight the increase in disease. These malaria affected areas are short of critical prevention tools like the bednets Pilgrim recently helped the national malaria control program deliver in Lango.  Please support Pilgrim Africa as we support the people of Uganda.

Sources: The Independent (article and photo credit)
Uganda Media Centre