A project in partnership with Rotary International,
Malaria Partners International, and World Vision

Integrated Community Case Management (iCCM) is a community-based child health strategy designed to reduce deaths and disease in children under 5 suffering from the top three childhood killers: malaria, pneumonia, and diarrhea. After Pilgrim Africa completed our community trial on iCCM methods in three highly infected sub counties of Katakwi District, Uganda in late 2020, all partners hoped we could scale up iCCM to the entire district. Hopes are being realized now with an iCCM scale-up project for all of Katakwi under strong leadership from the Ministry of Health National Malaria Control Division (NMCD), and after months of collaboration with the sponsoring organizations: Malaria Partners International, Rotary International, and World Vision.

Enormous thanks to the funding partners for their faith, optimism and hard work, which makes this scale-up possible! Huge thanks also to the Ministry of Health NMCD, for their support and coordination of all the partners.

The district program launch was on August 17, 2022, and was well attended by Ministry of Health National Malaria Control Division, Katakwi District local government and health team, Muyenga Rotary Club (the host club for the Rotary project), World Vision Uganda, and Pilgrim Africa.

Important Project Statistics

  • 550 village visits
  • 80 health personnel selected to be Trainer of Trainers
  • 20 sub-county training venues
  • 1,100 Village Health Teams (VHTs) trained and equipped
  • Approximately 300,000 residents served

This newsletter is the first of a series of updates on this exciting and ongoing project. The work in Uganda has remained a top priority, and we are eager to share it more fully.


“I will call on you, my God.
Turn your ear to me, and hear my prayer.”

Psalm 17:6