Pilgrim Africa is proud to have collaborated in a pioneering effort as part of the Government of Uganda’s response to fight malaria among the most vulnerable, particularly women and children. We partnered with Uganda’s National Malaria Control Division (NMCD), Malaria Free Uganda (MFU), MP’s from Uganda’s Parliamentary Forum for Malaria, the Kampala City authority (KCCA), BenCity, and Ecobank in the first-ever public-private partnership to deliver a successful multi-sectoral urban mosquito control initiative in 5 slum areas in Kampala, which made national network evening news in Uganda.

Thanks to the persistent efforts of NMCD, MFU and our team, Pilgrim Africa was able to provide insecticide, personal protective equipment, and technical assistance and assessment to the ongoing spray project which targets the city’s slums, and the facilities surrounding them by spraying walls and surfaces where mosquitoes carrying malaria parasites often rest. Malaria Free Uganda and partners met the other costs of the campaign.

Thank you again to our supporters for challenging despair with us in the midst of the COVID crisis! Please pray for the safety of our team, and the people of Uganda.


The Pilgrim Team