Come see the work we do in person!

A Pilgrimage is an amazing and rewarding way to experience East Africa firsthand as a participant in the region’s success.

The 9-day Pilgrimage to Africa includes food, transportation, accommodation, a safari experience, and a customized tour focusing on your choice of our life-saving malaria interventions in Katakwi District or the educational program at our Beacon of Hope Secondary School in Soroti, or both.

Pilgrim Africa staff will accompany all Pilgrimages and provide guidance on cultural norms and expectations in order to ensure a positive experience for all. Your Pilgrimage is a rewarding opportunity to learn about the local community and create new friendships.

Upon your return, you will be welcomed to our Pilgrim Alumni community and receive regular updates from the places and people you visited in Uganda, as well as the opportunity to join us for future special events and trips.

Because our Pilgrimages are customized trips, it is best to allow at least four months for preparation so that we may ensure you have the best experience possible.

For questions regarding our Pilgrimage to Africa, please contact info@pilgrimafrica.org.

Please note, we will not be leading any vision trips to Uganda in 2020 due to COVID-19 concerns. We hope to lead our next vision trip in 2021.

“Our nearly two weeks in what is known as The Pearl of Africa was, beyond comparison, the most extraordinary experience the Frandsen Family have ever had. Uganda has stolen our hearts. There is something indescribably remarkable about the country that has overtaken me in a way that I haven’t felt before.”

The Frandsen Family

Uganda Trip 2020

Relax at Wild Waters Lodge

Go gorilla trekking

Dance with students at Beaconof Hope

See the majesty of Murchison Falls